What Are the Different Types of Security Cameras?

1. Infrared (IR) security cameras
2. Dome cameras
3. Pro box cameras
4. Pan tilt zoom cameras
5. Hidden cameras

1 | Advantages of infrared (IR) security cameras
• Infrared cameras produce high resolution color video during the day
• In low light- or no light- conditions, they are the preferred camera type
• Can be used indoors or outdoors

2 | Advantages of dome cameras
• Provide clear, color, high resolution picture
• Most pan tilt cameras are in a dome-type housing

3 | Advantages of pro box cameras
• Lenses can be changed based on viewing angle and zoom needed
• Some pro box cameras are called day/night cameras as they can switch from color (day) to black and white in the evening or in low lux (lux = light conditions)

4 | Advantages of pan tilt zoom cameras
• These controllable cameras require an additional cable (CAT5) but the camera can be controlled live
• Can be run via the internet

5 | Advantages of hidden cameras
• Offer the highest degree of surveillance
• Do not have the infrared capabilities so will be limited in low light

Also to consider: Wired or Wireless Cameras?

• Wired cameras offer a larger selection of cameras- and higher video quality
• The "wireless" term can be misleading as the camera does need a power source. They also need a line of sight with no obstacles.